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"Yes, we know!" (Over)confidence in general knowledge among Austrian entrepreneurs
AuthorBrudermann, Thomas ; Ilieva, Viktorija ; Drakulevski, Ljubomir
Published in
PLoS One, 2018, Vol. 13, Issue 5, page 1-15
Document typeJournal Article
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"Yes, we know!" (Over)confidence in general knowledge among Austrian entrepreneurs [0.76 mb]
Abstract (English)

Overconfidence has been reported to be a common bias among entrepreneurs and might be one cause of the high failure rates observed for new ventures. In this study, we investigate the overconfidence bias in a sample of 92 Austrian entrepreneurs, who responded to a general-knowledge questionnaire. Their levels of overconfidence were assessed by their responses to hard, medium and easy knowledge questions, and the relations of individual, organizational and environmental factors to the bias score were analyzed. The results confirmed that entrepreneurs are indeed prone to expressing overprecision, a type of overconfidence, but not when answering questions of all levels of difficulty. Being a single founder instead of a co-founder was identified as a significant predictor of overconfidence. Confidence, on the other hand, was associated with age and prior entrepreneurial experience, while accuracy was determined solely by age. The results of this study only partly agree with those of previous studies conducted in different national and cultural settings.

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