Self-archiving of scholarly publications on uni≡pub

Uploading your publications to the repository uni≡pub will make them openly accessible and findable worldwide. Uploaded documents are checked by a member of the University Library staff and not automatically released. If you have any questions, please contact

Self-archiving (Green Open Access)

What kind of publication do you want to upload?

Journal Article

Contribution in a Collected Volume



All documents on uni≡pub can be found worldwide. They receive a permanent identifier (URN) and can only be removed in exceptional cases.

Which documents can be uploaded to uni≡pub?

uni≡pub may be used for the self-archiving of the following types of publications:

  • Theses
  • Contributions in Collected Volumes and Conference Proceedings
  • Monographs
  • Working papers

Please note that only PDF files can be uploaded; other file formats can only be uploaded as supplements.

What types of documents cannot be published in uni≡pub?

  • Teaching materials
  • Course Scripts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Posters
  • Datasets
  • Multimedia and audiovisual materials

How can I find out about the contractual terms and conditions set by the publisher?

  • If you have signed a publisher's contract, find out whether or which agreements have been made with regard to self-archiving in a repository.
  • If no explicit information on self-archiving is available from your contract, you can consult Sherpa/Romeo: This website lists around 2,600 journals and their open access conditions.
  • If the journal or the publisher is not listed, you can consult the website of the publisher.
  • If no such information is available on the publisher's website, please contact the publisher by e-mail to obtain permission for to self-archive your publication in the institutional repository of the University of Graz.

If you should need assistance on the subject of self-archiving and exploitation rights, please feel free to contact the staff of the university library:

How can I upload a document on uni≡pub?

  • You may use the entry form and upload your publication yourself. Before publication, the document will be reviewed by a member of the library staff with respect to the terms and conditions and released only after an examination.
  • You may send your document to and and ask for our technical or legal advice.

Legal information

Uploading documents and making them available on a repository or publication server are copyright relevant acts of use according to §§ 15, 18a Austrian Copyright Law (Urheberrechtsgesetz - UrhG). If you are not the sole copyright holder, you may upload the work to the platform only with the explicit written consent of the third party (e.g. co-authors or publishers). Before uploading a work you must confirm that you have clarified its copyright admissibility and that you are authorized to make it available on the repository. Should you require assistance in clarifying the legal conditions, the staff of the university library is happy to help.

For future publications, the University of Graz encourages authors to be aware of their rights with regard to their publications and, where appropriate, to conclude Open Access agreements with their publishers (e.g. to expressly guarantee self-archiving rights). SPARC (an alliance of academic libraries) provides a so-called „Author Addendum“ that can be attached to amend a publishing contract.

Detailed information on self-archiving is available in the Intranet of the University of Graz.