Mission Statement

The journal aims at promoting scientific theory in religious education and learning. It deliberately focuses on the Austrian context while striving to be relevant to other countries, regions and contexts as well. With its ecumenical and interreligious direction ÖRF is a medium for researchers and teachers in religious education at universities belonging to all religions and denominations.

The journal is published open access once a year with the main contributions being peer reviewed by external reviewers.

Every issue has its own main topic defined by the editorial board. There is a Call for Papers concerning the respective main topic every year in March. In addition to that authors from Austria and abroad are asked for their contributions.

Further contributions examine a wide range of topics of religious education, places of religious learning and science theory of religious education (as a discipline). Journal articles may also focus on practical aspects of religious education but need to be based on theory. Book reviews and the presentation of subject-specific Austrian master theses and dissertations are further elements of each issue.

ÖRF solely publishes articles that have not yet been published in any other medium before.

An abstract written in German and English precedes each article (with the exception of reports, book reviews and presentations of theses).

ÖRF is published under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC; see creativecommons.org)

Structure of an issue

Editorial: Introduction to the main topic of the respective issue, survey of contributions, bilingual

Part A: Main topic (about 6 to 10 articles) / peer reviewed

Part B: Further scientific contributions (max. 3 articles) / peer reviewed

Part C: Further contributions, primarily profession-specific research / reviewed by the Editorial Board

Part D: Reports, proceedings etc.

Part E: Book reviews and presentations of master theses and dissertations