Call for Papers

We are always happy to receive material for publication provided it conforms to our profile in terms of academic requirements and content.

Please address any content-related correspondence to the editor in chief:

When submitting your material, please state explicitly which section of the magazine you would like to be published in as this will impact selection and review procedures.

Individual contributions such as lectures or papers have to be submitted with an abstract in both German and English, approx. 500 characters each, and a short text on the author (If you have problems with providing a German abstract, please let us know). Submissions have to be made in electronic form, preferably by doc or rtf document or any other processable document type. Should you wish to include any images, please keep in mind that we also produce a print version of the journal and need a print-ready resolution of a min. of 600 dpi; caption and copyright information must be included. Do not submit any images unless you have made sure they are free for publication.

Peer Review

Papers published in the papers section of the journal are subject to a double-blind peer review following international standards. Individual submissions, book reviews and presentations of academic qualification papers will be reviewed by at least 2 members from the editorial board.

Proceedings/Reports – Aviso

Should you wish to publish a contribution to this section, please let us know in advance of your event in order to coordinate deadlines and other details with our editorial team.

CC Licence

By submitting your material you are automatically accepting that it will/may (depending on a positive review where applicable) be published under a creative commons licence. We also understand that all material provided to us has been checked for possible copyright issues and is marked with the appropriate information where necessary.