Monolayer spontaneous curvature of raft-forming membrane lipids / Benjamin Kollmitzer, Peter Heftberger, Michael Rappolt and Georg Pabst
Verfasser/ VerfasserinPabst, Georg ; Kollmitzer, Benjamin ; Heftberger, Peter ; Rappolt, Michael
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Soft Matter, 2013, Jg. 9, H. 45, S. 10877-10884
ErschienenRoyal Society of Chemistry
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Monolayer spontaneous curvature of raft-forming membrane lipids [0.9 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

Monolayer spontaneous curvatures for cholesterol, DOPE, POPE, DOPC, DPPC, DSPC, POPC, SOPC, and egg sphingomyelin were obtained using small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) on inverted hexagonal phases (HII). Spontaneous curvatures of bilayer forming lipids were estimated by adding controlled amounts to a HII forming template following previously established protocols. Spontaneous curvatures of both phosphatidylethanolamines and cholesterol were found to be at least a factor of two more negative than those of phosphatidylcholines, whose J0 values are closer to zero. Interestingly, a significant positive J0 value was retrieved for DPPC. We further determined the temperature dependence of the spontaneous curvatures J0(T) in the range from 15 to 55 C, resulting in a quite narrow distribution of 1 to 3 103 (nm C)1 for most investigated lipids. The data allowed us to estimate the monolayer spontaneous curvatures of ternary lipid mixtures showing liquid ordered/liquid disordered phase coexistence. We report spontaneous curvature phase diagrams for DSPC/DOPC/Chol, DPPC/DOPC/Chol and SM/POPC/Chol and discuss effects on protein insertion and line tension.

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