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Writing vs. translating: dimensions of text production in comparison
AuthorRisku, Hanna ; Milošević, Jelena ; Pein-Weber, Christina
Published in
Reembedding Translation Process Research / Muñoz Martín, Ricardo, Amsterdam, 2016, page 47-68
SeriesBenjamins Translation Library ; 128
Document typeArticle in a collected edition
Keywords (DE)Schreibprozess / Übersetzungsprozess / Phasen / Strategien / Kontext / Kreativität / Arbeitsplatz / Studie
Keywords (EN)writing process / translation process / phases / strategies / context / creativity / workplace / study
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Abstract (English)

Reembedding Translation Process Research is a rich collection of empirical research papers investigating important new facets of the relationship between translation and cognition. The common thread running through the collection is the notion of “re-embedding” the acts of translating and interpretingand the ways we understand them. That is, they all aim to re-situate these acts within what we now know about the brain, the powerful relationship of brain and body, and the complex interaction between cognition and the environment in which it is embedded. Each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of the overall notion of re-embedding, thereby expanding the breadth of empirical research about translating. This book refuses Descartes' distinction between mind and brain, and reaffirms the highly dynamic, emergent, and interactive nature of cognitive processes in translation. The overarching conclusion is that translation studies should reconsider, re-embed, any model of translation processes that arises without properly accommodating the interdependence of brain, body, and environment in the emergence of cognition.

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