Digitale Edition als Instrument für literaturwissenschaftliche Forschung
VerfasserSemlak, Martina
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Literaturwissenschaft im digitalen Medienwandel / Schöch, Christof; Schneider, Lars, Berlin [u.a.], 2014, S. 36-48
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Digitale Edition als Instrument für literaturwissenschaftliche Forschung [0.4 mb]
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Spectators [http://gams.uni-graz.at/mws] is a digital edition project which aims not only at editing the prominent Romanic weeklies, but also provides analyses on narratological and thematic levels. A key research interest is the impact of the 'digital turn' on the methodological and scientific practices of scholarly editing. This essay is directly related to the article by Klaus-Dieter Ertler and describes the theoretical basis and practical implementation of a digital edition.The genre of the 'spectators' is characterized by its narrative and discursive breaks. A digital edition is suitable for representing such complex dimensions. For the annotation of the texts, a textual model based on the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) was developed. A workflow that allows for easy data ac-quisition and analysis was designed in concert with the literary scholars involved in the project. A digital repository the Geisteswissenschaftliches Asset Management System (GAMS) ensures the sustainable and quotable long-term availability of the edition and provides different levels of access and functionality for its use.