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Das Herrschaftswissen in den Formularen : eine kritische Analyse zu wohlfahrtsstaatlichen Formularen als Instrumente der Macht / vorgelegt von Sophie-Désirée Adina Sporn, BA
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The Knowledge of Power in Forms : a critical analysis of forms of the welfare state serving as instruments of power
AuthorSporn, Sophie-Désirée Adina
CensorHopfner, Johanna
PublishedGraz, 2016
DescriptionVIII, 159 Blätter : Zusammenfassungen (2 Blätter)
Institutional NoteKarl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Masterarbeit, 2016
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Document typeMaster Thesis
Keywords (GND)Formular / Macht
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Das Herrschaftswissen in den Formularen [13.24 mb]
Abstract (English)

We are speaking of the omnipresence of forms and yet they are hardly ever mentioned in the specialised literature of social sciences and humanities. This is surprising, especially as Social working professionals act as translators between public administration and populace. The goal of the present study is to demonstrate the power relations between public administration, forms and the populace, the visualisation of the connection between knowledge transported through forms and domination as well as the critical analysis of the position of Social Work in this context. The results of the research basing on Michel Foucault in the theoretical part and on the knowledge-sociological discursive analysis of Reiner Keller in the empirical section confirms the close involvement of forms with power and its function as an instrument of power of the state on a basis of knowledge. Furthermore the study revealed that through non-reflected acts, Social Work runs the risk of reproducing knowledge of power contained in forms, however approaches for countering this tendency already exist, but they yet have to be implemented in the current education of Social Work.

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