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Einflussfaktoren auf das berufliche Weiterbildungsverhalten : Motivation und Barrieren : eine empirische Erhebung über die persönliche Einschätzung von KinderkrippenleiterInnen in Graz / vorgelegt von Sandra Kupsa, MA.
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Influencing factors of participation in professional development trainings : motivation and barriers
AuthorKupsa, Sandra
CensorEgger, Rudolf
PublishedGraz, 2016
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Institutional NoteKarl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Masterarbeit, 2016
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Document typeMaster Thesis
Keywords (GND)Berufliche Fortbildung / Motivation / Barriere <Psychologie>
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Einflussfaktoren auf das berufliche Weiterbildungsverhalten [1.46 mb]
Abstract (English)

This master thesis discusses motivations and barriers to the (non-)participation in professional development trainings. Based on the motivational research, four specialists in the social services had been interviewed in a qualitative research design to find out the influencing factors of participation in professional development trainings. The results show that biographical experiences, expectations and interests correspond with personal individual obstacles (nationality, family, age) and institutional barriers (time, location, offer). Furthermore the results show that factors of influence of the meso level (time and financing) have the biggest effect on the decision to the (non-) participation, followed by factors of the macro level (regional aspect, legal foundation). Significant differences to existing studies from Austria and Germany could be identified on the micro level. The factors age, nationality and professional position have no effect. The factors family and the interest of knowledge transfer obtained particular relevance and goes in accordance with existing studies. The factor family is also considering in view of the cost-benefit aspect. In the area of childcare and child education institutions opportunity costs are more important than direct monetary costs. Regarding the factor family the cost-benefit aspect also has to be taken in account. In the area of childcare and child education opportunity costs are overall one of the most important aspects.

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