Publish your scientific docouments online

You may upload documents here for testing. These documents will not be automatically released.



Article in a Periodical

Article in a collected Edition


All documents on uni=pub can be found worldwide. They have a permanent identifier (URN) and can therefore not be removed.

What kind of documents can be uploaded to uni=pub?

uni=pub may be used for the second publication of the following publications:

  • Journal articles
  • Essays in anthologies
  • Monographs
  • Individual chapters in monographs
  • Working papers
  • Conference reports
  • Technical reports

What kind of documents can not be uploaded to uni=pub?

  • Teaching materials
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Scripts

How can I get information about the conditions of the publishing houses?

  • If you have signed a publishing contract, find out whether and what agreements concerning a second release were made.
  • If no explicit information are included in this contract, you can consult Sherpa/Romeo: this site over 2,600 journals and their open access conditions are listed
  • If the journal or the publisher is not listed, you can consult the website of the publisher
  • If, on the website of the publisher no such information exists, you must contact the publisher directly by e-mail, and clarify the right to self-archiving in the institutional repository of the University of Graz

If you need assitance with legal clarification, please feel free to contact the team of UB Graz: On request, we will do this research work for you.

How can I upload my document on uni=pub?

  • You can use the entry form, and upload your publication yourself. The document will be reviewed before publication by an employee of the library in respect to the terms and conditions and released only afterwards.
  • You can send your document to and seek our advice regarding the technical and legal conditions.

Legal information

Uploading and making available of documents on the publication server are relevant under copyright law according to §§ 15, 18a Copyright Act. If you are not the sole copyright owner, you are only allowed to upload to the platform with explicit written consent of the third party (eg co-authors or publishers). You acknowledge by uploading a paper to have clarified the copyright admissibility and to be authorized to do so. If you need help in the clarification of the legal conditions, the staff of the university library is happy to help.

University of Graz encourages all authors to be aware of and, where appropriate, complete open access promotional agreements with publishers (eg, the right to self-archiving in an institutional repository expressly sure) or future publications. There is a so-called „Author Addendum“, an addition to a publishing contract, which is provided by SPARC (an alliance of academic libraries).

Detailed information about the secondary publication can be found on the Intranet of the University of Graz.