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Dossieronline is the Open Access Journal of Franz Nabl-Institute for Literary Research of Karl-Franzens-University Graz. Dossieronline represents the digital continuation of Dossier, a series published by Droschl from 1991 to 2011 in 30 volumes and 6 special issues.

The articles and essays published in Dossieronline provide a profound and knowledgeable image of Austrian literature after 1945. At least once a year the journal will provide a thematic issue with focus on a chosen author or a general thematic on contemporary acts of writing by renowned contributors. The journal also provides a range of contributions, that have proven of enriching the discourse of the respective field of research and are offering a classical approach regarding the subject already been published in another format but in an edited and revised version.

Thematic issues and contributions are related to the literary program of Literaturhaus Graz, which functions as a discursive space for reflective dialogue, lectures, discussions, performances as well as other current forms and styles of contemporary literature.

Dossieronline encompasses original peer reviewed contributions as well as a range of revised articles published before in the series Dossier and are now available as Open Access in a revised form. The distinction of the original contributions and revised articles is provided on the title page, hereby providing metadata on the first publishing of the article as well as changes made by the editors.